I apologize. My story is currently in the repair shop...Yeah...Long story.


BLITZKRIEG BOP: A Music Video for the great Scott Reynolds' swinging re-imagining of the Ramones' punk rock anthem. I'm calling it a "media amalgamation" which I made entirely from stock and PD footage culled from the net. CHECK IT OUT.

HELLBOY Animated: Sword of Storms, directed by Tad Stones, edited by me, is available now on DVD

This site is a direct result of my first independent film, "Birth of Abomination" : an animated short that I made in collaboration with the ultra talented, Chris Graphenberg. The film chronicles two brothers, Mute & Motormouth and their run in with a "lady of the night." You can see the film on Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Volume 7 videotape. Yes, videotape. and soon on this site.


Chris Gore reviews Mute & Motormouth in - FILMTHREAT

A real NY Arts Critic from THE VILLAGE VOICE

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