We at FISSURE FILMS sincerely hoped you enjoyed "Mute & Motormouth." We tried to keep it excitingand well paced - even a bit on the fast side. We know that animation can get "draggy" sometimes. Hell, when you invest over a year of your lifeto create what amounts to a ,it gets awfully hard to edit yourself once all the animation has been done. But more on the later, we have something for you.

You'll recall that Mute & Motormouth found themselves in a seedy part of town. To help illustrate the setting,we littered the grounds with all kinds of NEAT stuff. In particular - . The name of this game is . Tell us correctly how many condoms appear in the film and you'll WIN A PRIZE! No, the prize isn't a used condom -! The first three correct responses will receive a signed production drawing from the show! We're not concerned with condom continuity, just the number of times a condom shows up on the ground.