Crackho's inaugural dollar comes all the way from
Tokyo, Japan! Congratulations Takamushi Duki!

His question was:


Honorable Crackho,

After work, my colleagues and I relax for several hours at our local karaoke bar before going home to family. Recently the establishment installed a vending machine that sells soiled women's panties. They come in little plasticegg-like containers and never before have I felt so much anticipation as I did when Iopened my first egg. My colleagues like to trade panties with each other, but I feel very protective of mine. To me they are more than just "baseball cards." I feel like the panties I get from the machine were meant for me and only me! To trade them would be a betrayal of trust! I have several dozen now andeach one holds a special place in my heart. My boss is now pressuring me to tradeat least one with him to remain in good favor, but I can't bring myself to do it. I know my job is at stake. What should I do?

Possesive of Panties


Yo Pozzezif,

What's this Yen bullshit? I said a dallah! How the fuck am I gonna git my fix wif a muthfuckin Yen?! You be wearin dem dozen panties too damn tight roun yo head, Mista sick fuck! I hopes your boss fires you and your family leaves you! And den we see just how damn special dem panties are! They ain't gonna cook foryou, Nah Uh, They ain't gonna clean yo house, No Suh! They ain't even good for dryin yo sorry tears, cuz yo probly get a yeast infection on yo eyeballs! My advice? Giveyo boss da undies and send my ass a muthafuckin American dallah!!!